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Our Retreats

Crystal's Heart Healing House is a Private, Intimate Retreat for Parents who have lost  a child due to addiction. We invite Angel Parents from all walks of life to join us every May and October, as the doors open for healing.  Here, we provide a safe place for you to share your stories, find solace, and embark on a journey of healing together.

Read Testimonials from our incredible Angel Parents below or jump to Gallery to see for yourself!

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Retreat Testimonials

Want to share your experience?

Lisa D

I was honored to attend the October 2023 retreat. Seven years into my grief journey, I needed something more, something big, to help bring me to a better place. I was feeling alone and isolated, no one to talk to or really understand what each day is like. Everyone moving on, as is expected naturally, yet it was feeling like my son was forgotten or less cherished because of the way he died.
Feeling desperate and stuck, I jumped on the opportunity to attend the retreat. It was more than I could’ve imagined, every detail and activity well planned and executed by Noreen and her assistant, Lisa. The setting of the retreat alone was warm, peaceful and welcoming. We were made to feel like it was our home for the entire duration. Time was spent nurturing one another and being nurtured. Through sharing about our lives, our children whom we mourn the loss we of, our fears and hopes for the future. Getting to know all of the Angel Moms and their Angels, was truly a gift. Each child was remembered for the beautiful person they are - their big hearts, kind souls, gifts and talents. Their lives not defined by their addictions, abuse of drugs, anxiety, depression nor PTSD. It’s so important to healthy healing to know others who walk in your shoes, without judgment or expectations, where you’re free to feel and be yourselves. The retreat was very therapeutic, relaxing and fun too. If you’re an Angel Mom or Dad who needs something more in relieving the stress and despair of child loss, please consider attending this life changing retreat. Do it for you!


Jody B

I am so thankful I took time to go to Crystal heart healing house. It felt so good to be heard. And for others to listen to my stories about my son's life. The cabin is absolutely gorgeous and full of love. The rooms are delightful and it's a blast to have roommates. The views are incredible and you will see deer and bears. The therapy sessions gave me new tools to deal with my emotions and ways to journal my unanswered questions. The balloon release is phenomenal and extremely emotional and powerful. Forming relationships with others like me was monumental. I love every singe one of your children. My heart has more compassion and love for others. I feel safe and loved. The retreat was better than I imagined. Noreen goes above and beyond to make everyone feel important. I highly recommend attending at least once. I am already thinking about coming back and I just got home.



My testimony about this Retreat is that EVERY Angel Mom of a Child due to addiction and/or Accidental overdose. The Connection with other Mom's was instant. Pictures of our child on Display was BEAUTIFUL. Our Angels ranged from the age of 19 to 48 years young.



Go! Just Go! It was exactly what I needed and God knew it. I was a different person when I left than when I came. I am grateful for all the wonderful Angel Mom’s I had the pleasure of meeting. We laughed and cried. We shared memories and hugs. We were all different but had one common denominator, we lost a child. Some lost recently and some many years ago.
When you are ready to heal or talk this is the place. There is no judgement but shared pain. Lots of things to keep you busy but freedom to do as you please and are able. This is not a hotel but a home and Noreen is the perfect hostess. Lisa, Noreen’s Assistant is always around to help with any need. This is Crystal’s Heart Healing Home and a blessing if you choose to come. Choose a blessing!!!!!



This retreat was awesome. Noreen is a wonderful host who makes you feel comfortable and right at home. As if we are family already. The home is spacious and comfortable, nestled in the mountains and is surrounded by trees and the setting is beautiful and serene.
Being with other angel moms was so very special. They get you, they understand the struggle of living without your child. The “new” life we didn’t want or ask for but are now making our way through.
We did a lot of different things, open discussions, art therapy, making jewelry, watching a couple movies. Listening to music and a candlelight vigil with our angels. Sharing our stories and our angels, we cried, we laughed and we were healing ❤️‍🩹 as we went along.
I wasn’t sure about attending this or what to expect but I am so very glad I went! If you are on the fence about taking that step you won’t regret going at all. This was the best decision I could have made for myself. I met a great group of angel moms whose friendship I will treasure.
Our last night there I told Noreen that I felt “lighter” as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
Thank you Noreen for everything!
My angel is Drew Hill
Sunrise 5/16/93
Sunset 3/21/18


Retreat Gallery

Retreat Gallery

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