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Our History

Crystal's Heart Healing House was created in memory of Crystal Marie.

Crystal's Heart Healing House is a retreat house dedicated to parents who have lost a child to addiction. After Crystals passing Noreen, Crystal's Mom went to their Georgia home to mourn. About the 5th day there it began to snow everywhere, covering everything. It was a spectacular pure blanket of white. It was so beautiful, refreshing and even cleansing…a site for sore eyes, especially for this Florida girl who doesn’t get to see snow too often. The snow began to melt, and by the third day of melting, it was nearly all gone, except for the giant snow heart left perfectly in the top of a tree. Simply a miracle! I thought I was seeing things…this was the most beautiful sign of peace and love I could have ever asked for, hence the name Crystal’s Heart Healing House. This was the beginning of the healing house. God continually put this retreat house in my heart. I knew I needed to do this but wasn’t sure how? Over two years in the making and here we are. Crystals snow Heart is the inspiration behind the Crystal’s Heart Healing House name. This is a beautiful, private and safe place to meet other Angel parents who can relate to our loss. A place we can learn how to live again. To live, love, and laugh and know that it’s okay. We deserve that. We can grieve and still live a good life worthy of living.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help angel parents grieve, cope, and heal. We strive to support and encourage one another, as well as helping to change the stigma associated to addiction. Addiction does not define our children. I visualize our Angels in the most beautiful, glorious “heavenly” place. They are happy, healthy and at peace…better than that, they are all together, celebrating eternal life in Heaven, with Jesus and all their loved ones who have passed before them. I believe they rejoice in our joy and happiness and do not like seeing us down or depressed, they don’t want to see us like that. Our mission for C.H.H.H. is for us Angel parents to have a private, peaceful and safe place to gather. To meet in person, face to face, enjoy our time together, sharing, caring, and encouraging one another to live life again. Learning That’s it's ok, to live, love and even laugh in loss. Life is too short and if anyone knows that, it's us. We deserve to enjoy our life and feel happiness even in our grief. We will forever grieve, but we can’t stay there, that wouldn’t do us any good. My hope is that this healing house will help us carry on, as we honor our children’s lives and preserve their memories. I pray that we are able to build lifetime friendships and support systems that we all so desperately need. A safe place for building on love and understanding. Providing education to the public and resources to promote our healing.

 Our Retreats

Every May and October

C.H.H.H is nestled in a beautiful setting in the North Georgia Mountains. It is very private on the top of a mountain overlooking a creek and lake, surrounded by nature at its best. The house is decorated to the nines and is comfortable and cozy. Each room is private with its own private bath and closet. The game room has a life-size Chess set, pool table, ping pong, dual dart boards, and more. Everything you need and more is here exclusively for your peace, comfort, and enjoyment.


We look forward to you joining us in this beautiful healing experience. With Love, Noreen and Crystal.

Welcome Board for Retreat Guests

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A 501 (C)3 Nonprofit Organization

Your support will contribute directly to an Angel Parent in need. By becoming a sponsor, you'll be responsible for sending an Angel Mom on our retreat who could not otherwise afford the healing and peace our house offers.

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