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What is Crystal's Heart Healing House?

Crystal's Heart Healing House is dedicated to helping parents who have lost a child due to addiction. 

Often time mothers are left broken by the loss of a child. This Non-Profit is dedicated to the healing of those mothers. Helping them learn how to live with the loss of their child


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In Loving Memory of Crystal Marie 

  A beloved daughter, a loving mother, and friend to many. Not a day goes by that those who love you don't think about you.

May your soul rest in peace.

Noreen and Crystal Marie

I’d like to tell you about my daughter, my only and most precious child… Crystal Marie. Though, first I must set the stage to my life at that moment in time and prior to that for you to see the whole picture. I was the oldest child of five and from a very young age was responsible for helping raise my brother and then sister. I would cook, clean, and care for them from age eight, maybe earlier and by 11,12 I was cooking dinner for them nightly. I did this up until approx. 13 years old while my parents were working hard to build their American Dream business. 


Support Crystal's Heart Healing House
A 501 (C)3 Nonprofit Organization

Your support will contribute directly to an Angel Parent in need. By becoming a sponsor, you'll be responsible for sending an Angel Mom on our retreat who could not otherwise afford the healing and peace our house offers.

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