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Deanna – Forever 31

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

I lost my precious Deanna on August 8. Forever 31.
She left her beautiful three-year-old behind to live a life without a mommy. It is still very raw. Still trying to make sense of why my own children are allowed to be so tormented with this demonic epidemic which truly is a family disease.

Still too new to smile or laugh with the ocean that is our grief.

I look forward to smiling someday as I reflect on cherished memories of my sweet girl.


Healing Hearts

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I want to tell you about my Crystal and the beautiful human being she was. I’m talking about her inside, who she was, her character and her heart. From a very young age she was so much fun! Silly, funny and so full of life. She had some electric personality that drew people in.


She was very special, full of light, love, humor and substance. She had a lot of fans, but I was her biggest fan. She was smart, talented and so much good wrapped up into one! She was also a warrior… she had a strong, helpful and protective way about her. A value system and a heart of love, empathy and compassion for people. Mostly the underdog. 

If there was a bully or someone being belittle, hassled or harmed in anyway, she had no fear and was right there to protect and defend. She stood up for them or the cause, always “fighting “ for the right things and good things she believed in. Crystal loved animals, children, she loved doing family things and her friends and most of all she adored her beautiful son.

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